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Android Conversation Backup
By Ugorji Nwoke   23 Mar 2011   /blog   android geek
This is a post for all my android users out there. With Android, Google guarantees us that if we ever lose our android phones, we can just grab a new one. Once we sign in with our google account, it automatically syncs our emails, contacts, and applications (including the settings we have for those applications which support this).
Conversation Backup (1.2)
By Ugorji Nwoke   15 Nov 2010   /project   android geek technology x-featured
This tool can backup your SMS messages, MMS messages with included attachments, and call records, into a zip archive. You can specify a set of numbers to limit the conversations backed up. Optionally, you can request that those archived messages and/or call logs from your device are deleted. This supports Android 2.1 and above.
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