Android Conversation Backup

This is an android 2.1+ app that will backup your cellular data into a zip archive. The cellular data includes:

Read more or download on Google Play.

Codec Library for Go

The codec library is a high Performance and Feature-Rich Idiomatic encode/decode and rpc library for the Go Language.

This was just re-introduced after a massive re-factoring and upgrade. The library is available on github.

Binary Encoding Formats

With the advent of the internet of things, a binary encoding format with the universal simplicity of JSON is very crucial. Surprisingly, there were few candidate formats circa 2013. I contributed the following:

Binc Schema-Free Encoding format:
A lightweight, binary language-independent data interchange format for efficient and extensible encoding (and decoding) of structured data. Read more, including the spec and see the blog posts below for more information.

Simple Schema-Free Encoding format:
Like Binc, but much simpler, slightly less compact and without symbol support. It was done as an experiment. Read more in the go implementation.

Oxygen Software Library - NO LONGER MAINTAINED

Back when most of my programming was in JAVA, I uploaded a lot of my source code as a project called oxygen software library. Get it at

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