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Conversation Backup (1.2)
By Ugorji Nwoke   15 Nov 2010   /project   android geek technology x-featured
This tool can backup your SMS messages, MMS messages with included attachments, and call records, into a zip archive. You can specify a set of numbers to limit the conversations backed up. Optionally, you can request that those archived messages and/or call logs from your device are deleted. This supports Android 2.1 and above.
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go-codec: Primer and How To Guide
By Ugorji Nwoke   21 Dec 2014 (updated 23 Feb 2018)   /blog   technology go-codec
Below, we will walk you through using the go-codec library for your serialization needs. go-codec is a high performance and feature rich library that provides idiomatic encoding and decoding support for the following formats:
Code Generation using go-codec - for 2-20X performance improvement
By Ugorji Nwoke   18 Dec 2014   /blog   technology go-codec
go-codec supports compile-time generation of encoders and decoders for named types, which does not incur the overhead of reflection in the typical case, giving 2X-20X performance improvement over the idiomatic runtime introspection mode. Idiomatic encoding and decoding types within go typically relies on the reflection capabilities of the go runtime. This affords flexible performance without the need for a pre-compilation step; the go types contain all the information needed and the runtime exposes the full types via reflection. However, introspecting the runtime to get this information has a noticeable overhead, which can be eliminated by a pre-compilation/code-generation step.
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