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Benchmarks!!! Serialization in Go!!!
By Ugorji Nwoke   16 Dec 2014 (updated 02 Jul 2019)   /blog   technology go-codec
Let’s have some fun with some numbers.

In the serialization in go article , we discussed a number of types of encoding formats and their libraries in go.
Announcing Go codec library for msgpack and binc
By Ugorji Nwoke   30 May 2013   /blog   golang technology
Go codec is a High Performance and Feature-Rich Idiomatic Go Library providing encode/decode support for different serialization formats, including msgpack and binc . Get it while it’s hot at https://github.com/ugorji/go/tree/master/codec#readme
technology7 golang5 appengine4 geek4 go-codec1 android1

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