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The meaning of my name

A while back, I was having an email discussing with one of the men I respect most in this world. All my emails are signed as:

An eagle aspiring for greater heights ...

He saw this and responded as below. His description aptly describes what my name means and signifies, better than I have ever done myself. More importantly though, it helped me realize that I need to do more, and really achieve my potential. My prayer is that I live up to my name.

Here is his response. Enjoy.

Thank you for your encouraging response. You are absolutely correct with your description of yourself. That is the exact picture of you in my mind. And do you know there is something symbolic about your name. Ugo means eagle. Orji means iroko tree - the giant of trees. Eagle is the King of birds. the eagle always perches on the tallest tree in the forest. So when it comes to a place and there is no tree towering above the others, it will not perch. It will fly away or circle round for hours. Ugo also means glory/honor. It is always bestowed on the one that towers above all others. Where there is no outstanding individual in a community, there will be no glory/honor for that community. We shall talk more about these. God bless.


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